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FLBEIA is a simulation toolbox implemented as an R library (www.r-project.org) which facilitates the development of bio-economic impact assessments of fisheries management strategies. It is built under a management strategy evaluation framework using FLR libraries (www.flr-project.org/). The simulation is divided in two worlds, the operating model (OM, the real world) and the management procedure model (MPM, the perceived world). The OM in turn is divided in 3 components, the biological component formed by the stocks, the fleets component and the covariates component. MPM is divided also in 3 components; the data, the perceived system and the advice. A conceptual diagram of the model is shown in next figure:



Dorleta García Rodriguez

Researcher in AZTI, Spain



Sonia Sánchez Maroño

AZTI, Spain



Agurtzane Urtizberea

Researcher in AZTI, Spain



Marga Andrés

Researcher in AZTI, Spain


Raul Prellezo

Principal Researcher in AZTI and Member in Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF)


This Project has been financed by:

  • Basque Government (Agriculture and Fisheries Department).
  • Commission of the European Communities under Deepfishman and Myfish projects (Grant agreement no. 227390 and 289257, respectively)
  • European Fisheries Fund under Denafit and Kudea projects (Grant agreements no. 351BI20100057 and 04201200395, respectively).