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FLBEIA is a simulation toolbox implemented as an R library which facilitates the development of bio-economic impact assessments of fisheries management strategies. It is built under a management strategy evaluation framework using FLR libraries. The simulation is divided in two worlds, the operating model (OM, the real world) and the management procedure model (MPM, the perceived world).

The model is seasonal, and the number of seasons as well as the season length, are selected by the user. Stochasticity is introduced into the model via montecarlo simulation. The model has no limitation in the number of the stocks, the number of fleets, the number of seasons or the number of iterations in the montecarlo simulation, the limitation is marked by the computer.

The configuration of the current toolbox presents several limitations that could be solved with additional coding; for example, trophic interactions among stocks, effort based harvest control rules… FLBEIA has been built in a modular and extensible way to simplify the incorporation of new models if necessary. At the moment basic coding has been completed and additional coding will be carried out at case study level according to the needs.

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