How to get started

Here you will find a video tutorial that explains what the tool is and a first few steps to start using it.

You can download the FLBEIA Manual in PDF. You only have to click in the following link.

Each test case has three folders: data, R and plots. In data are the input data in RData format. In R is the conditioning script; it creates the input objects for FLBEIA, it runs the model and it makes plots that are saved in the folder called plots. In the same folder we find RData workspaces with some of the input objects and a folder called results, with an RData file with the output of the FLBEIA model.

Example: 1 stock (stk1); 1 fleet (fl1) (1 metier); 1 season

– Historic data 1990-2009 and projection 2010-2025.

Operating model:

  •     Population dynamics: Age Structured Population Growth
  •     SR model: Beverthon and Holt autoregressive/segmented regression

Management Procedure:

  • Perfect observation
  • No assessment
  • HCR: IcesHCR/ fixed Effort/ Annual TAC

Example: 2 stocks (stk1, stk2); 2 fleets (fl1, fl2) (2 metiers); 4 seasons

– Historic data 1990-2008 and projection 2009-2025.

Operating model:

  •   Population dynamics:
    • stk1: Age Structured Population Growth. Beverthon and Holt.
    • stk2: Biomass Dynamic Population Growth.Pella-Tomlinson

Management Procedure:

  • Perfect observation & No assessment
  • HCR:
    • stk1: IcesHCR
    • stk2: Annual TAC
  • Fleets dynamics:
    • fl1: Simple Mixed Fisheries Behaviour
    • fl2: Fixed effort

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