FLBEIA Software by AZTI

FLBEIA is a simulation toolbox implemented as an R library (www.r-project.org) which facilitates the development of bio-economic impact assessments of fisheries management strategies. It is built under a management strategy evaluation framework using FLR libraries (http://www.flr-project.org/). The simulation is divided in two worlds, the operating model (OM, the real world) and the management procedure model (MPM, the perceived world). The OM in turn is divided in 3 components, the biological component formed by the stocks, the fleets component and the covariates component. MPM is divided also in 3 components; the data, the perceived system and the advice. A conceptual diagram of the model is shown in next figure:




Financial support

This Project has been financed by:

  • Basque Government (Agriculture and Fisheries Department) under MSE and FLBEIA projects.
  • Commission of the European Communities under Deepfishman and Myfish projects (Grant agreement no. 227390 and 289257, respectively)
  • European Fisheries Fund under Denafit and Kudea projects (Grant agreements no. 351BI20100057 and 04201200395, respectively).